100 Examples of LearningJavaScript

How awesome is JavaScript? So awesome. What can it do? Everything. It even makes ham sandwhiches! (Ok, I actually wouldn't wait around for it to make me a ham sandwhich, but it still can do a lot of things.) JavaScript is a great addition to your skill set if you are a designer or front-end web developer. It makes your work fun and interactive.

Check out this gallery below; it showcases 100 examples of JavaScript that you can actually make as a beginner learning to code. The examples start off very simple and get more complex along the way. All code to create the examples can be found on my JS Fiddle.

What does learning JavaScript look like? Sure JavaScript sounds awesome, but it's hard to imagine what you can make when you are first learning the language. Here are 100 examples I am creating as I learn JavaScript, hopefully they can inspire you to start writing some JavaScript of your own. What you thought I was already a JavaScript expert? You're too kind! Maybe when I get to example 100 I will be... I at least hope I can use JavaScript to make a Ham Sandwhich at that point.

HTML creates content for the web (text, images, and hyperlinks). CSS tells the HTML what to look like (font size, text color, background color, placement, and more). When you add CSS to your content it starts to look more beautiful (or horifying if you don't know anything about good design). JavaScript tells HTML and CSS what to do (change text, do math, check user input and provide responses). JavaScript makes the web interactive. Check out this gallery of JavaScript examples to see if it could be useful for you.